Saturday, August 1, 2015

Working on my Handstand

Happy #SWEATYSATURDAY to you from St. George, Utah!!

 I decided to bag the gym down here in St. George and get creative for #sweatysaturday outdoors with my workout!  AND, there is this awesome set of stairs at the park nearby our house.

HOW THIS ONE IS DONE: the 12 to 5 Workout

Do each exercise in the list for 12 reps
then move to the next round doing reps of 11
then 10
then get the idea.  Go until you reach reps of 5.

I threw in 3 sets of running the stairs ( run up, walk down ) after I completed the list before I started the next round.

You can do this workout anywhere.  The stairs were just extra credit since I'm 104% sure I'll enjoy some treat meals today.  If you don't have access to stairs, you could go for a 3-5 minute run after each round.  Or do nothing at all, the workout alone is a butt kicker!

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