Sunday, August 30, 2015

Home Workouts

Yes, I am all about the gym and those weights.  Most every workout I create is meant for weights and the gym. Which I will always continue to post those workouts.

BUT, with the little extra time on my hands with kids in school, I have been creating workouts/making videos that can be done from home using a bench, chair, basic dumbbells, mat, timer, etc…. Would anyone be interested in these workouts?  Even the goofy-ness of me filming myself?!  At least there will be good tunes.

Some of these mini circuits can be added on to the end of your gym workouts for a quick cardio boost/burnout.  Just wondering your thoughts since some of you don't have gym access and/or do your workouts from home…. I would just like to help anyone in these kind of situations.

The Workout videos will be posted to my INSTAGRAM

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