Tuesday, August 25, 2015

STOP Nighttime Cravings

STOP Nighttime Cravings

For myself….. I drink a protein shake immediately post gym and  1.5-2 hours after I have a pretty big breakfast.  So before 10:00AM, I have already consumed around 500-750ish calories depending on what was for breakfast.

I find starting out with more calories in my first 3 meals; a good breakfast, a snack and a good size lunch allows me to keep it lighter the last half of my day and I'm not snacky.

When I don't eat like this in the first half of my day, my body runs on empty and it's hard to control my appetite later on. Eat filling meals earlier so you're not as hungry later.

AND, if you're trying to burn fat/lose weight, you have to have a calorie deficiency. What does that mean?  You have to BURN your body's stored calories as an energy source.  So a side effect of that COULD be hunger, but don't let the cause of hunger be because you are cutting too many calories and under eating.

YES, you will be hungry when trying to burn fat.  But if you are consuming enough calories the hunger isn't something unbearable.  There is a difference b/w fueling your body properly and feeling the need for more vs under eating/starving your body.

*TIP:  If you're doing it right, Don't associate hunger with "AHHHHH, I NEED TO EAT!" but instead correlate hunger with "THIS IS MY BODY BURNING FAT"

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