Tuesday, September 15, 2015



PLYOS in simple terms means, Jump Training.  They are great to enhance our explosiveness, power and body control.  PLYOS require various muscle groups to work together ALL AT ONCE.  Using your whole body as one unit quickly and aggressively is an awesome way to train.

4 Exercises in this video, 2 are Plyo moves:  Do each Exercise for 30 seconds.

PLYO ONE-- Squat Jump to Lateral Lunge Jump to Lateral Squat Jump.  Rest.  Do the same thing jumping the other direction.

Sumo Squat ( wide stance ) to Cross Body Punch. ( you can add DBs here if needed ).

PLYO TWO-- Reverse Diagonal Lunge Jump to Reverse Lunge Jump to Curtsy Lunge Jump.  Rest.  Do the same thing for the other leg.

Side to Side Push-Ups.

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