Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cardio by Plyos

CARDIO by PLYOS:  Again Plyos mixed with strength training is great way to train.  PLYOS require various muscle groups to work together ALL AT ONCE.  Using your whole body as one unit quickly and aggressively is will do your body good.

These 3 moves are something you can add on to the end of the 'Triceps' workout I posted last Friday:  

30 SECONDS Each Exercise

Speed Skaters
180 Jumps w/ a burpee
Around the World Squat Jumps

This would also be great to throw in after each circuit of the Resistance Band Workout I posted this morning.  Resistance Band Workout 2 is coming and you could combine all 3 of these for a great workout.

Do a round of all 3 moves in between each Tricep lift.  OR, do this as a circuit 5-7x. 

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