Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fit For Fall--- Cardio and Core

Fit For Fall:  HIIT Cardio and Core

Incline Sprints!!!!  So effective for overall body fat and fighting belly fat.

ALL OUT sprints for 20 seconds at an incline somewhere between 5% - 10% then, recover ( feet to sides of treadmill ) for 40 seconds.  So at every top of the minute you are starting the next one.  You will do 3 sets of that.  To give you an idea, I like to do 10% incline at a 9.0 speed.

THEN, off the treadmill do each ab exercise for 20 seconds.

REPEAT ALL OF THE ABOVE as a circuit 5 to 7x….. SO, 3 incline sprints in a row and then the core work. repeat.

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