Sunday, September 27, 2015

Create Your Own Workout


 This should be fun for you guys to try this week!  And the possibilities are endless.  How you want to kick your own butt is up to you on this one.

Choose THREE exercises from the Upper and Lower.  Choose TWO from the Abs and SEVEN from Active Rest.


You are going to perform an UPPER exercise for 30 secs.  Then follow it up with 1 min of ACTIVE REST.  Then rest for 30 secs.  Move on to your LOWER exercise for 30 secs, follow with 1 min of ACTIVE REST and then 30 secs rest.  Then do Abs the same way.  Do this for all the exercises you chose.

One time through all 8 of your strength exercises with all the 30 sec. rests and the 7 one min. Active Rests will put your workout to 15 minutes.  Repeat YOUR workout 3x for a 45 minute workout created by you.

Choose a different combo of exercises for next time! 

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