Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flexible Dieting

Ladies……. your husband, men, your BF, your date, etc., want a girl that is healthy, but doesn't obsess over her body and everything she "can't" eat.  There is probably nothing hotter than a woman who is healthy, confident and isn't afraid to throw down a cheeseburger or a couple slices of pizza here and there.

Long term calorie restriction actually drops the metabolism and your body struggles to burn fat and build lean muscle.  If you feel like you are dieting your guts out and not getting any physical results, I'm willing to bet on why.

Science has proven that occasional cheat meals are actually beneficial to weight loss and can help you from hitting that plateau.  And when I say 'Cheat Meal' I do not mean, Oh WOW, you splurged and got yourself some froyo.  I'm talking food with some LEGIT calories in it!  Fat and Carbs……. Loaded Nachos ( my favorite ).

When that Cheat Meal is said and done, you get right back on the wagon! One meal is NOT going to ruin your progress but several bad meals over and over CAN.  Just like one workout is not going to give you the body of your dreams.  But several workouts over and over CAN.

Don't torture yourself.  Learn this concept and watch how much your body loves you for it. 

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