Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Anyone feeling in a rut these days?  Hopefully these fun moves will get you feeling motivated to get back at it or give you some new ideas.

This one hits lots of Shoulders and Obliques.  I love the look of defined obliques!  I also sneak in a Tricep exercise on ya, don't miss it!  This workout requires 1 & 2 Dumbbells.  So that means I have a  workout using 1 DB and one using 2 DBs coming soon.

5 exercises/ 30 seconds per exercise/ 4-5 Rounds:

1 DB- Lunge Jumps w/ Oblique Twist

1 DB- Squat to Overhead Press w/ Oblique Twist

2 DBs- Lunge Jumps w/ Lateral Raise

2 DBs- Squat to Cross Body Punch

1 DB- ABS-  Holding a V-sit position.  Overhead Press w/ Oblique Twist to Tricep Extension to Overhead Press w/ Oblique Twist.

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