Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dexa Body Scan

Over the Summer I didn't change my way/style of eating as much.  I actually tried to eat as much as I could, healthy of course with my beloved cheat meals a few times a week.  I definitely stepped up my game in the weight room.  Lots and LOTS of lifting.

I decided I would go see my results!  This time I went with the 99% accuracy of the iDXA ( Dexa ) Body Composition Analysis scan VS the Bod Pod I did at BYU 15 weeks ago--I posted my experience and results if you care to know more about that style of testing.

I wanted more numbers, more depth and I wanted to actually SEE my total body tissue quantitation and total body bone density.  When I say SEE, you basically have an X-ray of your entire body taken.  AWESOME!  I was very happy with my experience...... First of next week I will share more details about what else they test and pics of my results..... I will show you my insides guys.  Also how you can have a test of your own done and with a killer discount when you mention my name. @dexabody on Instagram.

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