Saturday, September 5, 2015

NECK DEEP and Sparkle

A whole lot of Shimmer and Sparkle was shed to day for #SWEATYSATURDAY

I can't say it enough how hot all these babes are!!

Thanks so much for coming!!!

You know it's been a good week in the gym and post track workout when you have no choice but to get in the Provo River NECK DEEP….. every inch of my body is sore.

These are a few of our calorie burns from today's Track Workout:  remember that height, weight, etc... affects these numbers

all that goodness in just one hour.

And for the record to the gals that sat in the river…. I really do take showers and not just sit in the river and call it my bath.  But since I did go in neck deep, I really considered calling it good, LOL! 

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