Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lets Talk Fanny Packs

Ok, so totally random post I know but I love to share stuff that I love and I know this WILL benefit someone out there somewhere.

No more sitting on your phones, pulling out your phone and out comes cash/cards with it, keys in your front pocket, chapstick and gum in the other.

Whether you are traveling through the airport, going for a bike ride, the zoo, skiing, hiking, etc…OR  going to Disneyland... no one likes to leave their backpacks behind with workers or sit on crap.

WHEREVER, this keeps me hands free and organized.  It's not like a fanny pack with constant adjusting and only one pocket where everything goes.  This allows me to keep certain items together and in their own section.  Like hotel keys here, fast passes there, money here, chapstick and gum there. You get the awesomeness of this thing.

This "Fanny Pack" is made by KangaTek:

4 zip pockets ranging from 6in-12in long
Water Resistant Neoprene
Wear over either shoulder
Adjustable to fit for a one-size-fits-all

You can find them on Amazon!  In the picture, I have stored away in my "Bandoloro" @g2gbar , mints, keys, iPhone, lip gloss, cash, cards, gum and iPod touch w/ headphones…and so much room for more like tots or a cheeseburger or something.

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