Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dexa Scan Results

Ok, continuing on from my @dexabody scan results/experience.  I posted a brief minute on what and why I did this test….the post last week where I am laying on a table and a machine is scanning over my body.  Go check it out.

This is 2 of 7 pages/results crammed in this tiny square photo.  The full pages are so informational with every single detail of what is fat, muscle, bone, etc.  As you can see in the scan on the left, it breaks your body down into 5 sections and each section is tested, I loved that part.  It's pretty cool to know and see what is fat, muscle, bone in each part and what each section weighs.  The paper explains this all….I just can't get it all to fit for you.

The scan on the right is my bone report.  Which bone density is a critical component of our overall health and physical capabilities.  As we age, our bone strength naturally deteriorates.  By performing weight bearing exercises that stress our skeletal tissue, we can increase bone density.  I am happy to know that Grandma Status for my future is in the 2.3 Z-Score ( standard deviation measurement ) which I am in the 97% - 99% range…..which means I am well on my way to being able to lift weights when I am in my 90s.  Prepare now I tell ya.

And you want to know something crazy?!  My whole bone make up only weighs 7.20 lbs.  Looks like we can't use the term "big boned" anymore, LOL!  I thought it would weigh more than that.  From 15 weeks ago I dropped 2% BF and 5 lbs.

This page of the results is broken down by each section of my body: Arms, Legs, Trunk, Gynoid and Android.  It also explains what parts of the body are included in each section. 

It tells me what percentage is fat and what is lean tissue. 

As you can see this test is very informative.  It is so much better than just standing on a scale or holding your at home body fat tester in your hand.

Brandon Sheppard over at @dexabody was very helpful and made sure I understood what I was reading. 

You can have this test done too.  I highly recommend it.  Mention my name and you can get 50% off any of their services. 

They also offer VO2 Max Fitness Testing and Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis which I will be going back and having this done.  You will find out the speed of your metabolism, how efficient it is and your daily caloric needs.

Set up your appointment at
OR call them.  All the info is on their site. 

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