Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fit For Fall-- Back and Biceps

Fit For Fall:  Back and Biceps

Happy Thursday to you guys!  Hope you all enjoyed yesterday's HIIT Cardio and Core workout.

Now moving on to my 2nd favorite areas to train (favorite comes tomorrow).  Biceps are just a great feature to sport and the BACK……a nice looking back is just HOT, so lets get working on one.

To make this workout go faster and the way my gym is set up, I take DB's and BB's with me to the cables so I am not back and forth all over the gym.

As the workout says, PERFORM EACH EXERCISE FOR 20 SECONDS, repeat the exercises 3x when told to do so.

Except for that final circuit. 21's are a set rep exercise.  So take a BB with you and find your favorite treadmill.  


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