Thursday, November 12, 2015

Triceps and Shoulders

As promised-


I decided to be fancy and type up our workout so everyone had something to reference to instead of having to ask me…..So here it is:

15 reps of each exercise unless it specifies otherwise.  
3 rounds of each circuit then move on.

I have videos of most every exercise in this workout.  Hashtag Search: FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on instagram for them.  I am also more than happy to tag you or explain an exercise for you.  I posted a video of a few exercises from this workout just now on my instagram

PLYO COUNTODOWN: is back in my feed but you can find it HERE > PLYO COUNTDOWN  If you want full details.  Otherwise you do, 10 reps of each exercise in the list.  Then start over doing each exercise for 9 reps.  Then 8 and so forth……down to 1 rep.

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