Monday, November 16, 2015

My top 5 Reasons to never miss a Monday Workout

My TOP 5 reasons to never miss a Monday Workout:

1- The weekend is over.  Back to the hustle and bustle of work, school, training, etc.  A slow release of ENDORPHINS during a workout is the best form of medicine to beat any 'Monday Blues.' A workout will wake you up and help you feel alive!

2- A workout on a Monday can give you MOMENTUM.  The push you need to get back on track.  The momentum you need to feed off of.  Don't miss or you could struggle to get back on track.

3- Completing a Monday workout can give you a feeling that you are in CONTROL of your week.  An awesome workout on a Monday can give you that "bring it" attitude to have a great rest of the week.

4- And lets be honest……I'm sure most of us tend to enjoy a few extra calories/indulgences/chips and salsa ( *cough *cough #guilty ) on the weekend.  So a good SWEAT sesh just feels good on a Monday.  Those extra calories are there to give you plenty of energy to rock out an awesome workout.

5- A Monday workout gets the mind in the right place.  Meaning you are more likely to make healthier choices as to what you put in your mouth.  We all know the best day to start eating HEALTHY is on a Monday.

DON'T MISS A MONDAY and the rest of the week will fall into place! 

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