Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mountain Climber Variations

Mountain Climbers…one of my favorite ways to get the heart rate up.  Lots of muscles are being worked here and especially those abs without even doing a sit up!  

Many ways, for all levels to do a mtn. climber:

1- Cross Body mtn. climber… take your knee to opposite elbow. slow paced

2- Faster pace.  Knees drive quickly and toes/feet stay off the ground on the drive up

3- 'Runners Lunge" my favorite and the most difficult.  Bring you foot as close to your hands as you can

Always strive to keep your back flat as possible.  Like you have a board laying on it.  Hips Down and butt out of the air.

I've got a Tricep and Shoulder workout coming your way soon and it involves these, try it out!! 

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