Monday, November 23, 2015

the 'PLANKSgiving' Treadmill Workout: VIDEO

the 'PLANKSgiving' Treadmill Workout:

This goes with the workout I posted last night!  Sam and I are showing you 2 of the 4 planks from that workout.

Push Play HERE

1- Right and Left Side Plank.

2- Elbow Plank w/ Hip Dips.

I am assuming that you all know a basic 'Elbow Plank'  basically what we are showing in the hip dip video but you are not dipping.  Just holding a plank position nice and still.


Elbows under shoulders.

Keep your core tight.

Flat back…like there is a board laying on your black.

Don't let your hips fall toward the floor.

Don't stick your butt in the air.

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