Friday, November 13, 2015

Some Peoples Kids

Some peoples kids!!!!

I have no words about things like this.  I really thought these were joke posts until I read comments like, "I like the increase in calories," "it is still a calorie deficit but you have more chance of sticking to it,"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

and my favorite, "this is a good diet to follow, it's important to fluctuate between calorie intake each day so you don't plateau."  Yep, you rock out those 700 calorie days and enjoy the 300 calories days even more!  Especially that Day 30: FAST! The creators of these things need a high five in their Mug.

It's just sad that some people really believe that this is what it takes.  Don't be brainwashed to think that if you want to lose weight and be 'skinny' then you need to starve yourself or eat less.  Believe it or not, doing it the right way by eating more you will lose more.  Your body NEEDS fuel from food to burn fat and gain lean muscle.

I'm so bugged by this….. I think I'll go eat a Scotcharoo!

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