Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week: SHOULDERS and TRICEPS

Thanksgiving Week: SHOULDERS and TRICEPS: 
12 reps of each exercise.  3 sets of each circuit.

FOR THE WARM UP: you have .50 (1/2 mile ) run.  If you choose to walk, shoot for .25 miles at a 5% incline.  When you hit the mark, do 12+ dips off the back of your treadmill.  REPEAT this for 3 total rounds.

Push yourself on those runs/walks.  Try and get the warm up done in 15 minutes or less.

The rest of the workout is done circuit style.  Move quickly from one exercise to the next.  Rest after you finish a round.  Then repeat that circuit for a total of 3 rounds.  Then on to the next.

When you finish the entire workout and for the time you have remaining…… do sprints on the treadmill.  I always put my incline to .05% - 1.0% to be more like outdoor running.  You will do 30 sec on/30 sec off.  I do my sprint then put my feet to the sides of treadmill while I rest.  This way the treadmill just keeps going and you don't miss a second getting to your pace.  

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