Thursday, November 26, 2015

the GET SWEATY before you get STUFFED Workout

This workout is a mix of all things.  All Muscles and some cardio to get you nice and sweaty so you can then go and have a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoy it all.

Just go straight down the list doing each move for the number of reps/sets that it says next to each exercise.  Go heavy on those weights.  You only have 2 sets of each exercise….besides abs are only one set  ( we planked our guts out Monday right?! ).

Depending on how fast you run during your 5 minutes….. you may finish this workout and feel like adding another round.  If you have some time but not enough for a complete full round, you could do one set of every exercise and cut your 5 minute runs in half.  Just an idea.

Here is another idea…… try and beat your 5 minute runs each time!  That sounds fun…..Might as well.


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