Friday, October 9, 2015

Two DB Workout


Two DB Workout:  Ok, this one calls for a set of DB's.  I posted a 1 DB workout the other day.

3 Exerices.  Lots of muscle groups being worked.  Especially your anterior head ( front of shoulder ) of the Deltoid.  These muscles help you with pressing actions like pushing open a car door or pushing a cart.

FIRST, Legs/Glutes/Shoulders
First is somewhat of a DB swing into a squat and when standing you throw in a shoulder press.

SECOND, Legs/Glutes/Biceps/Shoulders
Reverse Lunge and when standing to one leg, bring those DBs up for a bicep curl and up to an Arnold shoulder press….don't forget that other leg.

THIRD, a little full body/Ab/Cardio going on.
Burpee w/ a jump and DBs go over head

Choose reps that work for you ( 10-15 OR set a timer 30-60 secs).  Do each move 5-7x.

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