Monday, October 5, 2015

Knee Drive Variations

Happy Monday to you!  I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to spike the heart rate for a little added cardio in my weight training.

I call these Lunge Knee Drives/Hops.  I am showing you 3 variations from a beginner end to a more advanced.

1-All you do is take a step back like you are doing a reverse lunge and as you stand drive your knee up ( think abs ) with you.

2- Same thing.  Reverse Lunge but when you stand this time add in a jump.

3- Same thing.  But you are going to touch the ground on the reverse lunge.  Crazy how a little reach for the ground can add that much more of a challenge.

Try this out in between one of your lifting sets or after a circuit.  Set a timer for 30 seconds OR do a set number of reps; 10-15.  Don't forget the other leg.

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