Thursday, October 1, 2015

One DB Workout


That's right… all you need is ONE Dumbbell for this workout.

Did you know you can "kettle bell swing" somewhat with a DB.  Just hold the end of a dumbbell and there you go.  Works just as good.

HERE WE GO, Choose reps that work for you ( 10-15 OR set a timer 30-60 secs).  Do each move 5-7x:

DB Swing

Static/Stationary ( just means your feet stay planted and no steps are taken ) Lunge with a Shoulder Press on the up motion.  Don't forget the other side.

And the 3rd move is a good burner for those legs:

One DB squat TO one body weight squat TO one jump forward TO one jump backward.  Repeat.  Stay low on those Jumps forward and back.

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