Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Running with a new mindset

MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!  Yesterday during my run I had lots of thoughts running through my mind…..Like every time my foot hit the ground and my booty would shake I was thinking, "NOOOOO my butt is going flat!!!" LOL!!

Thinking back 5 years or so ago to my running days when I was 80% run / 20% weights.  I would do all that running thinking it would make me skinny and give me the body I had in mind.  Well nothing really changed much as far as my body SHAPE and my butt stayed flat.

So I read some books and got educated and switched the roles around.  I lift way more than I run these days.  And I prefer my body now to the body I had with all the running.  Weights gave me the 'look' I was going for when I thought running is what you did to get it.

So yesterday running it was a whole different mind set.  It was actually a lot less stressful and peaceful.  I knew I was there simply for the endurance training and nothing more.  I was also thinking, "man, I can't wait to hit upper body tomorrow morning" and "dang, I love my shoes!" haha, well thanks for reading about my running thoughts.  So,  #wearbrooks #liftweights and #fithappens

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