Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November!

I sure welcomed November this morning!  I combined my last two workouts together but only had enough umph to do the arc trainer for 1 round.  I recommend that workout on a non leg day.....YIKES! The leg day workout alone is cardio in itself.  If you push through all the sets with 1 minute of rest like it says you will be getting your cardio done for the day all while sculpting those muscles.  
I wore my Polar FT4 watch for my workout this morning and when I wear that thing it means I going to get after it.  I love this watch!  It is awesome for monitoring your heart rate which you can set up to see if you are staying in or out of the zone.  At the end of your workout it will also show you your max and minimum heart rate level.  Also it records calories burned.  This morning my workout was around 50 mins and my total burn was around 630 calories (I forgot to turn it off while I sat around for 10 mins).  It's easy to use and stores your workouts so you can go back and compare.  I got mine off Amazon for around $60-$70.
This workout gave me much needed motivation to push through this month and all the festivities that are headed our way!

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