Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspire Me Monday!

But not for you!!  I have some super simple easy tips on how to start your Monday out right and stay motivated all week long.  Follow these steps and you won't be looking at your week after Tuesday saying, "WTF?!?"
I know a lot of us say, "Monday, it's on! I'm starting on Monday! Back on the clean eating wagon starting Monday (I am first to admit, I do this ALL THE TIME).  Then Monday comes and something goes wrong or we snack on something we know we shouldn't and for some reason that flips a switch and you are back in that excuse making slacker wagon saying, "tomorrow, or I'll start Monday....." NOT THIS WEEK!!  This week can be different if we really fight hard and make it a successful week.
#1- Plan your workouts for the entire week!  Monday thru Saturday.  Sit down and write on paper or make a new note in your phone with what you are going to do for exercise everyday.  By planning your workout I don't mean just writing out: Monday-Triceps, biceps, abs.  Tuesday-cardio. Wednesday-shoulders, legs etc.  What are you going to do for triceps and biceps on Monday?  What exercises? How many sets/reps?  Doing this makes your workouts more effective and you won't waste time. This is one of my most important tips of advice I can give for results, consistency, and creating a habit. 
#2- Dedicate a time for each workout.  I prefer morning workouts.  I am usually back home before anyone in my house is awake too.  It doesn't require making babysitting arrangements, daycare, or waiting for the hubby to get off work.  I don't feel rushed and I don't have to worry about something possibly interfering with a 6:00AM workout.  Nothing is better than knowing that by 7:30AM I am all done with my workout for the entire day.  Early morning workouts give me more energy, leaves no room for an excuse to pop up to cause me to miss my workout, and BEST OF ALL it leaves me in a GREAT mood!  If you save your workouts for later in the day or evenings just for the extra sleep, try working out first thing in the AM for one week and see how it goes, I promise you will LOVE it!
#3- Plan your meals and snacks in advance.  This is such a pain I know, but if you just do it you have already won half the battle!  Plan for 3 meals and snacks in between.  Always include a healthy bedtime snack and this meal doesn't matter if you have it literally 10 minutes before you close your eyes.  Prepping this way keeps your metabolism burning all day and you won't be caught hungry and reaching for whatever is in front of you.  One helpful food trick I have found for myself is that when I prepare a meal I make double.  This way you have tomorrow's breakfast/lunch/or dinner ready to go.  Or if you have the time to prep on Sunday nights for a half the week then that is great too!  Never leave the house without a snack.  Keep an apple, mixed nuts/almonds, protein bar in your purse always! Most importantly, always have water with you, ALWAYS!
#4- Lay your clothes out the night before.  Including your socks and shoes.  This helps me a lot since 5:30AM is pretty early to be searching for matching shoes or clothes out of my workout drawer that can work together and not look like I picked my clothes out in the dark.  
#5- Get yourself a workout buddy or a group that will hold you accountable.  Knowing that someone is counting on you to show up really forces your butt out of bed!  If you don't have a workout buddy that is actually there with you when you workout, you can find someone to report to and they can report to you.  Tell each other how your workout went and hold each other accountable for getting in that workout for the day.  Friends don't let friends miss workouts ;)

FINALLY- Never Give Up!!!  
Even if you screw up, don't jump in that excuse wagon!  Just pick yourself up next meal, snack, workout or whatever it may be!  Tell yourself you do not need another Monday to start.  Do not let your week turn into,

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