Sunday, November 24, 2013


1- SMALL CHANGES CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE- Something as simple and small as subbing a glass of water for one of your sodas every day can eventually become a healthy habit that you will notice BIG changes and want to keep.  Before you know it you will be off soda and LOVE water.  Make small goals that are realistic and attainable that you can achieve on a frequent basis!

2- FITNESS IS NOT A DESTINATION, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE- Don't set an end date for your fitness goals. You may jump on a 12-week training program but those are designed to teach you about exercise and healthy eating in hopes to make it a permanent way of life.  They help you to get looking and feeling your best so that you will not want to go back to your old ways.

3-STRIVE FOR PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION- You will never be perfect.  Even the ones you see perfect in your eyes are not!  And they themselves don't see them as perfect either.  Fitness is about making continual improvements and progress.  Would you stop the moment you thought you were at perfect?  Probably not.  And if you kept going, you would continue to see changes happen and get even better.  There is no ending.  Just try to be better than you were yesterday.

4-IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT'S DONE- Think of the main goals you want to accomplish.  Do you want to lose 20 pounds?  Run a 1/2 marathon?  These things might seem impossible to you right now, but given time and determination it can be done.  With enough patience and consistency, just about anything is possible.

5-IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU, IT DOESN'T CHANGE YOU- If your 3 mile daily run is becoming a breeze, it is done changing you.  Try running that 3 miles in 1-2 mins faster.  You have to challenge yourself to be a better person.  Compete with yourself both mentally and physically if you want to continue to see changes.  If you are not feeling challenged then your body is winning.  You tell your body what to do, you are in control.

6-IF YOU WAIT FOR PERFECT CONDITIONS, YOU'LL NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE- You are desperate to make a change in your life, but something is holding you back.  Maybe because you still have too much junk food in your house, or you have a vacation coming up, or the holidays are just too hard.  Guess what? It doesn't matter.  Nothing will ever be perfect and just the way you want it.  You just have to start and learn to adapt when these things come up.  It's much easier to adapt once you have started than it is to get everything perfect before you start.

7-THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO ANY PLACE WORTH GOING- There are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle.  It takes breaking a sweat and hard work.  No pill, no wrap, no thinking of ways to bypass the hard work will get you what you are after.  Nothing in life worth doing comes easy.

8-GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE-It's easy to get caught in a cycle you are comfortable with.  We like what we eat and activities we do.  The thought of doing something different might make you nervous.  But why? It might change you for the better.  Don't get comfortable with doing bicep curls with 8 pounds.  It won't change you if you feel comfortable doing any sets.  Get uncomfortable and try for 10 pounds next time.  You just might dig that challenge.

9-EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT STARTS WITH THE DECISION TO TRY- You have probably made an excuse at more than one point in your life about not doing something because of doubt.  But you will never really know until you try.  What do you want out of your life?  What do you want to accomplish with starting a fitness journey?  You will never know if you can reach that goal if you don't try.

10-EXERCISING IS SO DIFFICULT WHEN YOU HAVE TO AND SO EASY WHEN YOU WANT TO- I can't find a more true statement.  When you are having fun working out you will find yourself wanting to work out.  It's no fun and very difficult when you feel like you have to.  If you ever feel like you have to work out you need to take a break and re-evaluate your purpose and goals.

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