Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FAQ- "I feel uncomfortable weight training around dudes"

I get emails from followers that ask me questions for tips/advice etc., so I thought I would answer some questions on my blog and Instagram that I get asked more than once because maybe they are questions you have or are curious about as well.  First of all, if you are someone who has asked me a question and I end up posting about it, DO NOT feel stupid.  I will never reveal names.  Instead of feeling stupid you should feel awesome because I am pretty positive that you are helping people out! I really enjoy and appreciate all the questions that I get.

"I feel uncomfortable weight training around dudes"

Well this obviously is not the first time women have mentioned or had a complaint about weight training around men.  Since there really are "women only gyms" and even the gym I go to regularly has a "women's only" workout room.  It is so, that weight training is more of a male dominant activity which may lead women astray to the idea of weight training around men.  In my own experience I find that men really DO NOT CARE if women are training in the same place as them.  I have actually been given very nice compliments from men about my knowledge of weight training.  I gather that most men seem impressed with a girl who knows her way around the gym.  I think women just feel a little self conscious and get thinking too much.

Like always, if you just don't feel comfortable then avoid the gym at rush hours.  Use the "womens only" section.  You can even set up your own section of the gym if your gym does not offer a womens only area.  Know your workout ahead of time and get the items you need and take them to an area and make that "your" section.  Just make sure to clean up after yourself and put things back.

And this may seem weird, but workout clothes do make a difference in how you feel at the gym.  I always go for comfort and something that isn't going to make me feel nervous.  Especially I avoid clothes that require a lot of adjusting and making sure areas stay covered.  And if being uncomfortable around men is an issue for you then cover up.  Skinny tanks that are not long enough or go down to low that show back, boobs, are only going to draw attention and mostly from dudes!  Also, if you feel you are not in your best shape at the moment then avoid too tight of clothes.  Then you won't need to worry about your belly or muffin top hanging, showing, jiggling etc. I feel my best in a workout top of any kind and this could be a basic T-shirt, my GapFit gFlex pants, and a hat.  I actually do my best when I wear a hat.....don't ask me why??!  I don't go to the gym for a fashion show or photo shoot.  I'm there to workout.  And if being all matchy-matchy is your style and that's what you feel comfy in, so be it.  I wish I could afford all those darling matching/color coordinated workout gear that LuLu Lemon has.  One outfit for every day please!!!!

Grab a friend to go with you.  Everything seems more fun and less scary when you got someone there with you.  If you don't have a workout buddy to go with you, a good ol' pair of headphones and tunes will do just the same.  Listening to music that pumps you up or just a good play list can drown out a lot of things you would notice without them.

Lastly, HAVE A PLAN!!!! Do not go to the gym without a workout ready to rock!  You will end up wandering aimlessly and these kind of people are easy to spot.  When you have no plan, your workout will not be great.  You will do your exercises half ass, I promise!  I have done this before and never again will I go without some sort of game plan.  What happens is you will more than likely end up at the cardio machines because you realize you look lost and suddenly you just aren't feeling your workout.

Just focus on your own self improvement! 


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