Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Here is your full body workout for Thanksgiving Day!  Making exercise a priority early especially on a holiday means you will be less likely to put it off and you will feel better about having your favorite holiday foods!  There is no reason why you can't partake in the holiday craze without guilt!!!  One meal/day of bad eating isn't going to make you fat, just like one meal/day of healthy eating isn't going to make you fit.  My advice is to ENJOY the day and food.  It's not about the calories or planning out your next days workout.  It's about enjoying the holiday, being around friends and family and making memories!  I do believe you will have a much happier day if you start it off with a great workout.  Any exercise is great.  Inside your own home, an outdoor run, or take this workout with you and head to the gym. 


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