Friday, November 15, 2013


You really have to lift HEAVY if you want to lean out and CHANGE your body!  And I know it's gross for some of you but you have to work out with INTENSITY and break out in a SWEATY MESS!  Lifting light weight over and over and over again WILL NOT change your body.  All you are doing is creating muscle endurance.  You can develop muscle endurance by just cardio alone: running, biking, playing a sport and even just walking. But if you are lifting, then lift!  If your goal in the gym is to CHANGE the shape of your body, lifting weights that make your muscles feel a burn isn't going to cut it.  Especially if you have a set of 12 reps and finish the last 2-3 reps like they were the first 1 or 2.....I mean really, does that make sense to you?  When you feel the burn, believe it or not that is a comfort zone.  You need to go one step higher and get out of that zone to where the magic happens.  If that requires you to go up 5 pounds in the weight you are lifting DO IT!  Barely or not being able to finish the last couple reps is what you should be aiming for!  That CHANGES your body!

Think about your last cardio session or weight training session......did anything great stand out about it. Do you look back on it and realize you totally just went through the motions.  Or you looked at instagram, read a book, talked on the phone, or looked at a magazine?  For me, I know these things would never happen.  I know my workout is kickin a$$ when I can barely carry on a conversation with the person next to me.  I know some of you are thinking.....I can't push myself that hard right now, or maybe you are older or have hurt knees/joints.  Everyone is on a different fitness level.  But you are still capable of pushing yourself to a level that is challenging for you!

Loooong drawn out cardio is a waste of time.  STOP. DOING. IT. NOW!! 1-2 times a week is fine to give your body a rest from intense cardio but other than that, jogging on a treadmill, ellipticalling ( not sure that's a word) while looking at a magazine may all feel good.  You might even like seeing those calorie counters on the machines go up in numbers but overall you are burning LESS than you would if you opted for weights or HIIT cardio.  And you are spending more time than needed in the gym.  So stop!  You are not getting the body you want.  You are wasting your time!

Doing those things is great for beginners and it's somewhere to start.  But don't get stuck in your ways and think its working cause you are feeling the 'burn.'  All you have done is built you up a comfort zone but you need to take it to the next level.  Our bodies are super smart and learn to adapt real fast.  You need to be in control and tell your body what to do.  Don't let your body tell you!  

lift LESS in between exercises!


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