Saturday, November 16, 2013


This requires WALKING ONLY!  Perfect for when you just don't feel like running but still want a good sweat or you have a sore lower body that needs to get loosened up.  You decide how many times through you want to do it....TRUST ME, this is great!!!  You will be surprised the workout it gives you and how it gets you breathing hard.....P.S. I am 5'9" so I have longer legs to keep this pace at the increasing inclines.  Adjust the speed if you need to.  But the goal is to have a quick pace and pump those arms to help you keep up.  NEVER hold on to the treadmill at all during this.  If you feel you have to hold on then slow the speed to just barely under that urge to grab the bar!  Remember: get out of that comfort zone.  Today I did this 3X through (about 31 mins) and I was DRIPPING sweat!

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