Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you stop eating after 6PM?

Calories eaten after 6:00, 7:00, or 8:00PM?  In fact you should stop eating at 7:27PM!!  Eating even 1 second past 7:27PM will automatically ruin your weightloss goals  and turn directly into fat immediately when the food hits your stomach!  JUST KIDDING!!!!  Calories eaten after a late night hour do not automatically turn to fat.  Our bodies have no idea what time it is.  Our bodies probably don't care what time it is.  Our body does not come with a switch that is flipped when it hits 6:00 or  7:00PM.  Eating 500 calories at 10:00PM is not any different than eating 500 calories at 10:00AM.  If your body is hungry it probably wants food, if it has had enough it doesn't need more but if you give it more, it will take it and do with it as it pleases.  When our bodies have had enough food for the day it probably says, "thank you for this extra food that I don't need, I'll just store it right here on your left butt cheek and use it later!" Eventually our bodies will run out of energy from burning calories and will use the next feeding for energy and that extra food stored on your butt just stays unless you burn it off on top of all the new stuff that was actually needed.

Your body uses calories the same way regardless of the time of day.  Our bodies don't clock out at a certain time.  Our bodies don't turn off its need for energy at a certain time.  Whether you store fat and gain weight because you eat late at night depends on the number of calories you ate throughout the entire day. Everybody is different and needs a different amount of calories to lose, gain, or maintain and then it's just the matter of eating that amount of calories, under-eating, or over-eating each day wether it gets burned or stored. So buying into the whole concept of not eating past a certain time of day all depends on your calories consumed up until that point. Also, the calories your body burned at rest PLUS any calories you burned if exercise took place has an effect on that number.  This is all scientific proven facts and not simply just my opinion.

While it makes sense to not want to go to bed on a full belly and be uncomfortable but you should not deny your body any food/energy if it's needed and definitely not because of the time of day.  If you still have room for calories to eat late at night it's best to eat healthy snacks.  Don't eat ice cream, fries, chips and dip in front of the T.V., those are the kind of calories that add up quick and can put you over the edge because you don't realize how much you have eaten.  Instead go for fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, low-fat plain Greek yogurt, or a small portion of nuts.  Even air popped popcorn can work!
Eating late isn't a problem.  OVEREATING is!

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