Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Welp, here you have me in all my pregnancy glory!  This is how I do it when I am pregnant.  Obviously working out and eating a healthy diet did not make my to do list.  In fact, with both of my pregnancies I put a freeze on my gym pass for one year.  I kicked my feet up and ate whatever sounded good to me.  With my first baby I weighed 208 on delivery day and with the 2nd I weighed 212.  I never really counted pregnancies as "transformations" since of course our belly is supposed to get bigger and we are supposed to gain weight.  Ok, maybe not gain 65+ pounds but what can I say?!  Doritos tasted AMAZING, hahaha and I think baby #2 liked them because he weighed just shy of 10lbs when he was born.  
So, then I got looking through these beautiful (wink, wink) pregnancy pictures and thought, WHAT IF I had just had my babies and never went back to the gym?  WHAT IF I never tried to get my body back?!  You can see from the pictures everything on me got bigger-legs, love handles, butt, face, arms,.....so if I just never tried after my kids and lost that pregnant belly, I would still have all the extra right?  And knowing my body and how it responds to food and working out it is definitely something I have to work at.  I am not blessed with a natural ability to stay lean.  I have to fight it every day with every choice I make.  So I guess I am saying that I will count this as a "transformation" since both times I was able to fight my way back and lose 65-70 pounds.  It takes hard work, patience, and consistency.  Each picture of me above in swim suits is after each baby.  The black swim suit is after baby #1 and the red swim suit is 3 years after baby #2 which that picture is this past summer of 2013. 
 Our bodies can do so much if you just tell it to!

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