Monday, November 25, 2013

Too Embarrassed For The Gym?!

I was sitting in the dentist office and came across this fit fact in "FITNESS" magazine.  It really got my attention.  Immediately the quote that I have always loved by Johnny Depp popped into my head.  Seriously, don't give a shit about what anybody thinks.  Do what you have to do for you.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to your health.  Then I thought to myself, I wonder how many people really do feel this way?!  If this is you, I ought to kick your butt!  Get a hold of me and PLEASE come workout with me!!! I work hard, sweat, and love every minute of it. 

First of all, if you are are not willing to sweat in the gym because you are intimidated at the gym because of people looking at you, not sure how to use equipment, machines, or how you feel in workout clothes or any other reasons I didn't mention.....what a lame excuse for not getting exercise.  There is no reason to avoid getting a good workout because you are embarrassed to go to the gym!  You have to remember that everybody has been in the same spot as you.  Even me.  I didn't walk into the gym and know exactly how to use a leg press machine, or the proper way to do a dumbbell lateral raise.  The people that go to the gym everyday had to start somewhere.  Just like I did.  Just like you will have to or had to.

And yes, you can get in great shape without a gym.  You don't need a gym to go running or to build muscles.  Push ups, squats, sit ups, dips, lunges are all great exercises to get you in better shape.  There is nothing wrong either with feeling like you need to start out this way before you feel comfortable to go to a gym.  

You can avoid the gym at busy hours.  Most evenings after work is a high traffic time at the gym.  I avoid this AT.ALL.TIMES!  I'm not there to socialize or stand in line to use a machine.  Early mornings are best, or odd ball afternoon times work too.  I have been to the gym at times where I feel like the only person there.

Don't compare your body to other people at the gym.  Everyone is on a different level and have different fitness goals.  Just focus on your own personal improvement and your own personal goals.  If I see a girl at the gym that looks amazing, I am more than happy for her.  She obviously has made a commitment to make changes in her life and stuck to it.  She wasn't born with that body.  If anything it motivates me more!  

Some machines might look complicated, but don't let that stop you from trying them.  Usually the little instructions on them do a pretty good job of telling you how to use it.  You would also be surprised at people who workout at the gym and how they would love to help you and show you.  All you need to do is ask.  People at the gym are usually pretty friendly.  I have had many people offer me a tip or show me a new way to do an exercise that I was currently doing.  I have also had many people give the nicest compliments too.  99.9% of the time they are not there to judge you.  And guess what?  They probably could care less about you sweating or what move you are doing.

I obviously have gotten to the point that I could care less what others think of me at the gym.  I do deadlifts and glute bridges (think humping the air) with no embarrassment at all.  Yes, I do try and avoid eye contact when I do these moves just because it can be awkward for you and the other person but I know the benefits these moves give my body and I won't let embarrassment keep me from busting them out because they work!

Gym time is ME time!  I usually put on some tunes or grab a buddy and just get to work.  I honestly don't even pay attention to people around me.  You are not truly committed until you stop making silly excuses.  Don't be embarrassed to go the gym.  Just Don't!!!  


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