Saturday, March 4, 2017

So far going good

I am 6 days in on consistently wearing my heart rate monitor again.  It is official that it DOES push me to go harder.  I make a commitment to hit AT LEAST 500 cals every workout when I wear it.    

That watch is just a little reminder during my workout that says, "Haley, you can do better than this.  STEP IT UP!!!"  I chose 500 because all my best workouts make it to 500+.   I've had so-so workouts and super duper awesome workouts.  500 is a good middle number for me.  Not asking too much but it takes effort.

Some days my workouts take me over 500+.  But some days I look at it and I can tell I'm not going to quite make it.  So I know I need to try harder.  I start adding in plyos or heavier weights or commit to a few sprints when I'm all done with my lift.  If you don't have a heart rate monitor, you won't regret getting one.  

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