Wednesday, March 8, 2017

and say SO WHAT!!!!

I've been posting healthy foods/snacks/treats etc.,  but I'm very much this kind of girl too. 

Yes I'm all about treats like protein balls, protein brownies, fake ice cream and any other "healthy dessert."  But think about it.....why are those kind of things even created?  Because the real stuff is delicious and we crave it so we make "healthy versions" so we can feel better about eating it right?! Yes.

Well I'm super glad things like that exist.  But I also believe that every now and then you just have to eat the real deal or you'll just end up eating the whole damn box.  Stop restricting.  Live a little and you'll find that you don't feel deprived or find yourself thinking about what to eat what not to eat 24/7.  Eat 2 slices of that naughty pizza without weighing or counting and get right back to your healthy business. Life is too short so take a break for ONE meal here and there and say SO WHAT!!!!  And say so what without even thinking about how you went over on your carb count.

Of course be considerate of your goals.  But I know we can all ease up here and there without guilt.  #rantover #fithappens #shithappens

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