Monday, July 21, 2014

Running the Vegas Strip

This picture is simply because you can't go out for one of your most favorite runs on the Vegas Strip and not take a selfie!

If you have never ran down the sidewalk strip in Vegas it is a must next time you are there.  Make sure you head out early enough to beat the heat.  Trust me, you will not be the only runner/walker you pass. It is so dang much fun because sometimes you come to point along the sidewalk that makes you take stairs up and over to get to the connecting sidewalk so that always keep things interesting.  The sidewalk takes all sorts of twists and turns.  Then of course the people watching is awesome.  You will bump into folks just barely making their way home from the night before.  Brace yourself for some comments from drunks and what not.  And sadly you will pass many homeless people asleep on the sidewalks along the way.  Sure makes you feel blessed for all that you have.  Especially thankful  for good health, clean clothes, and showers!!!!!

(You can push play and join me for one sprint up on my instagram feed @haleya_fit_happens or on my Haley Adams- Fit Happens Facebook page). 

These are the stairs out in front of Fashion Show Mall on the strip.  These stairs are not part of the sidewalk so don't worry. HA HA HA!!  However, they did make for a great finale at the end of my run.  I sprinted up them skipping every other step as fast as I could then walked down catching my breath along the way.  Then repeated for a total of 10 stair runs.   

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