Saturday, July 12, 2014

Don't Forget to Ice Bath!!!

I finished my last workout of the week and I had a feeling there was no way I was getting around not taking an ice bath.  They make me feel so much better and I never regret not doing it and I always regret when I don't.  My glutes are sore to the bone in both cheeks!

How I take my Ice Bath:

Turn the faucet on to cold, no hot AT ALL (no cheating).

Dump your entire ice tray holder and any extra ice you have in the water.

Fill the water up until when you sit down you are completely covered from the waist down.

Keep your toes out.

You can wear a shirt, scarf, coat whatever on top.

Hold a hot drink or check out things on your phone to pass the time.

10-12 minutes is all it takes.

AND last but most important…..WEAR UNDERWEAR!  that little bit helps between you and the water, TRUST ME!!  Talk about pain, I know from my experience.

Go ahead and look up all the amazing benefits of ice baths for sore muscles.  They are a must!

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