Monday, July 21, 2014

Questions from the pool

While vacationing in Las Vegas we hit up the pool at the Flamingo.  FYI, this pool is a party!  So if that is the crowd you are going for….. like booty shaking contest, seriously it was crazy, then you would have a blast here.  We opted for a more relaxed day the second day and went with Caesars Hotel pool.  It was much much more laid back and with an older and more mature crowd.

While at the pool I got all sorts of questions but the fitness related ones were such:

"Do you workout?"     YES!
"Do you lift weights?"    YES!
"Do you lift heavy weights?"     YES!
"Do you do cross-fit?"     NO!
"Do you drink beer and still look like that?"     NO!

These people then go on to tell me how they want to workout and want to lift weights but they LOVE their alcohol.  Well I KNOW alcohol is not good for the diet if body fat is what you are trying to lose!  And people can want and wish all they want but actions speak louder than words.  

I got very nice compliments and it sure makes you feel good about yourself.  ONLY because I work my butt off!  I don't go through the motions when I workout.  I know I push myself very hard and don't take my workouts lightly.  I rarely miss a workout and it's nice to know hard work pays off.  

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