Wednesday, July 9, 2014


One of my favorite snacks and sources of protein:


Cottage cheese has always been around, long before greek yogurt come around and started becoming so famous.  Cottage cheese is not only an awesome source of protein but it's very high in calcium.  Also an essential amino acid and great source of vitamin B12….that's some good stuff!  Brands like Daisy low fat cottage cheese have just four ingredients, so it's a "clean" food that packs in some serious nutrition.  I get my cottage cheese from Costco.  It is Darigold brand.

I know some people just can't like cottage cheese or even learn to like it.  I guess it's a texture thing or that it's a dairy product.  Thankfully I have always loved cottage cheese, even plain by itself.  Lately I have been loving cottage cheese with sliced bananas, cinnamon and almond butter (just try it).  Cottage cheese goes great with almost any fresh of frozen fruit.  You can even throw in a handful of nuts too.  If you are one to not like cottage cheese but are dying to get in all the nutritious benefits, I often use cottage cheese in my pancake/waffle mix.  When you blend it all up in your blender it becomes like a pancake batter, smoooooth….no weird texture!

mmmmmm good! 

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