Monday, July 7, 2014


I missed my morning workout for some Hot Air Balloons in Provo with the family.  Totally worth it to spend time with them.  However, I do hate missing my morning workouts because a good workout sets a good tone for my day.  It is my morning medicine but sometimes I have to take my medicine in the afternoon but I always make sure to take it!  
I took myself some C4 by cellucor because I knew I was going to need a major boost.  And mind you minutes before this workout I sat on my butt for 3 hours and watched the new Transformers in theaters.  So I needed something MAJOR and I also knew that if I wore my polar watch and set a calorie goal it would be a little more motivating.  I did my "mile, on mile, on mile" workout.  I really really like this workout method.  
Pick a cardio machine of choice and go for one mile.  Choose another and go for one mile.  Choose another and so forth.  You can repeat a mile on the same machine if needed.  You can go at your pace or push yourself past your comfort zone.   For this day I was able to get in 7 miles on various machines in under 1-hour.  The time flew by!

I also grabbed an old T-shirt and cut it to make a new racer back workout tank.  Super easy to do.  I have posted a step-by-step on how to do this a while back.  There are also several how to do's on Pinterest for making workout shirts from T-shirts.  

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