Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Are You Good 2 Go?

These bars…… SOOOOOOO YUMMY!  They have been my life saving on the go snack!  I take one with me everyday everywhere I go.  I store them in my freezer and take one out and by the time I need it it's ready to go.  They have been my favorite treat to take to the pool lately.  It's so hard not to eat 3 a day.  This flavor, peanut butter chocolate chip…I am very fond of!  I like these more than any protein bar I have had.  Yes, even more so than the Quest bars! 

-18g protein
-4g fiber
-gluten free
-low sodium
-no trans fat
-essential fats
-no preservatives
-naturally flavored
-contains omega 3's
-WHEY protein isolate

If you live in the Utah they can be found in the refrigerators at Good Earth, Harmons, Macey's, Real Food, Whole Foods, Ridleys, Dan's, and BYU campus.  BYU, Utah, USC, Florida, and Villanova all buy these bars for their college athletes!

For non-Utah people, you can order them at I may or may not just have ordered 7 boxes that I have hidden away in my freezer.  This flavor……Is worth every penny.  If you get yourself some and decide I am up in the night, I will buy them off you!

You can also follow them on Instagram: @g2gbar 

When you eat one, you'll know!

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