Sunday, January 26, 2014

When I Travel

When I still have one workout left in the week and I am going to be out of town, I always make sure I am prepared.  I really try to never miss a workout.  I find out ahead of time if where I am going has a gym.  Being a member of Golds Gym I have access to any gym in any state.  If I am headed to somewhere outdoors (Flaming Gorge being a place we go often which does not have any gym whatsoever nearby) I have to plan a little differently.  I prepare first with packed workout clothes for the gym or outdoors.  I make sure to have my chargeables charged like my garmin, polar watch and iPod if I plan to use them.  Then this little shaker bottle comes in handy.  I recently got this at Costco.  I have other shaker bottles but none of them had compartments.  So I either had to pack my tubs of supplements or put them in baggies.  Same with my vitamins.  

In compartment #1 of my shaker is my pre-workout.  I am not a die hard and have to take pre-workout every single day.  I do love it for leg day though.  Those days can be rough!!!  This pre-workout is by Cellucor and it's called N-Zero Extreme.  I am LOVING this.  I love it for the no creatine and no sugar.  I do love C4 by Cellucor too but it contains creatine and N-Zero is great to give your body a little break from the creatine.  I take this first thing when I wake up.  20-30 minutes before I start my workout.  In the sandwich baggie are my beloved BCAAs by Cellucor.   The most important supplement I take.  Helps with endurance, muscle recovery and people like me who train on an empty stomach.  I sip on these during my workout to help with breakdown of muscle in a fasted state.  They are watermelon flavor.

Here is a little more on BCAAs….. or branched-chain amino acids are among the nine essential amino acids that the body is unable to make, meaning they must be ingested through food or supplements.  Probably my most favorite supplement!  An abundance of evidence shows BCAAs can support liver health, prevent diabetes, boost your brain, improve mood, decrease depression, and are essential for longevity and aging as well.  BCAAs should also be taken to stay lean, increase fat burning, get strong, recover faster, and have a greater work capacity.  I take BCAAs whenever I am doing a fasted workout to help prevent any hard earned muscle being lost.  I take BCAAs post workout as well.  I can also say that when I take BCAAs I am significantly less sore 48 and 72 hours after training.

In compartment #2 is vitamins. 

Fish Oil- A fatty acid oil consists of essential two omega-3 fatty acids.  To get technical they are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  One of the best supplements you can probably take.  It provides such a wide variety of functions for the body that fight and prevent serious illnesses and help stimulate fat loss.

Raspberry Ketones-  are a fat loss aid that breaks up fat in the cells making it easier for your body to burn fat faster.  It has also been shown to aid the metabolism.

Garcinia Cambogia- (HCA) this is what Dr. Oz called the "Holy Grail of Weight loss" It works as a dual action fat buster. #1 it suppresses the appetite and #2 it prevents fat from being made. It acts as a fat blocker which meaning fat cell will not be permitted to form.  This leaves excess fat that you take in nowhere to store inside the body, meaning it passes through your system more rapidly.  Trust me it really does..... if you know what I mean. It also helps with emotional eaters because the supplement has been shown to cause an increase in serotonin levels.  This helps to balance out mood swings and help with symptoms of stress and depression.  HCA can also manage the levels of cortisol in your body, a 
hormone that is directly tied to stress levels. 

Biotin- is something I just started taking.  It supports skin, hair and nails.  So we shall see!

Multi- A good multi vitamin is a must!  You can do your best at trying to get minerals and vitamins from good food sources but chances are we are not getting enough and a good multi vitamin can help fill those holes.  Being deficient in certain micronutrients can cause low energy levels, immune system deficiencies, and keep us from gaining muscle and losing fat.  Choose a multi that has 100% of the daily recommendation for Zinc, Chromuim, Copper, C, E, D and B-Complex.

CLA- Is a great fat loss aid which stands for Conjugated linoleic acid. This is another fatty acid supplement.  Omega-6 which is very good for you.  It has been proven to boost metabolism, promote fat loss, muscle growth and strength gains.

In compartment #3 is my post workout.  I like to use Whey Protein powder by Cellucor.  This flavor happens to be Cinnamon Swirl.  One of my favorites of the 7 flavors they have available. 

All Cellucor products can be found on and you can use my code: HALEYA at checkout to get yourself 20% off your purchase.  If you take the extra 2 minutes to make an account so next time you order you just log in you also get free shipping with that code.  Other non Cellucor products/supplements I get at health food stores.  Good Earth/Sprouts etc.

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