Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday FREE Day

For the first 4 weeks of my Fit Happens in 12- Week training program Friday is a free day for you to choose any area that you feel could use a little more work.  The program has you covered by hitting every major muscle Mon-Thurs.  Friday is a free day to take off from weights or choose an area and do extra work.

This Friday some friends and decided that Glutes can always use a little extra work.  There were 5 of us training.  We chose 4 glute specific exercises and one rest station.  We each take a turn at each spot and rotate through.  We did the following glute exercises 4 times through:

Smith Machine Glute Kick Backs x10 each leg

Exercise Ball Glute Bridges/hip thrusters with weight plate on lap x20

Hip abductor machine (heavy and lean over) x20

Fire walks with a band 

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