Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One mistake people make is never giving a training program or a new healthy lifestyle any time to start working!!!  Often times, people say they have been eating healthy and been in the gym for a couple months, and even some say they have tried out EVERYTHING and nothing ever works….

Trust me, being patient is HARD when it comes to this stuff.  Being patient is actually the KEY to this whole fitness stuff. Consistency is another key that is just as important if not more!  If you keep changing your training techniques and nutrition plan, everyday, you will struggle to get positive results!  If you are lifting weights, yes it is good to change up your routine or order.  I am talking about  those who lift weights for 1-2 weeks and feel or see no difference so they resort to no weights at all.  Then they try yoga or a spin class for a couple weeks and don't get immediate results from those so they try something else.  It's great to have a set routine and throw these different types of exercise in every now and then.  Don't just stop one to try another after a few attempts of no results.  It takes time. 

Some people expect results from visiting the gym 3 times in one week and get frustrated that they don't see any defined muscles to show for their hard work from those 3 training sessions.  Some people  expect after the 5th healthy meal of the day that their body fat should be down 10% and the scale should say the same.  Wouldn't that be awesome though?!?  It takes time.  

We can't whine about the fat on our butt, thighs, stomach or elsewhere melting away too slow.  We need to remember that most of that we are trying to lose has been there for many many years.  Even if you have always been small and recently gained some weight, those fat cells did exist prior to the weight gain.  The cells just grew in numbers and/or got larger.  They were always there.  So you cannot expect something that has been there for years to just diminish with a few healthy meals and a couple gym sessions.  

Give your healthy eating and fitness plan a chance to show you it works!  I'm not talking a few weeks or even a few months.  Sometimes it can take up to one year to be where you want to be.  Along the way you will enjoy small victories and even some big ones.  But just imagine if you keep going after reaching a small victory for another 6 months to a year what your body could be capable of showing you.


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