Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Increase Fat Use With BCAAs

Cellucor's BCAAs are my favorite supplement.  Not only does it taste amazing, but nothing helps with soreness (besides foam rolling/stretching) like branched-chain amino acids do.  As you can see from the article in one of the fitness magazines I read, it can also help boost fatty acid use for fuel! I love it for the energy it gives me and all those essential amino acids that must be consumed in our diets.  
This particular BCAA comes in powder form.  I drink one scoop in my water bottle during my workout and then I sip on one scoop making it last throughout the rest of my day.  

You can get some BCAAs too and other fabulous supplements, like their Whey Protein Powder in 7 different flavors on the cellucor website- You can get 20% off your total purchase when you use my code HALEYA at checkout.  If you make an account on the site you will also get free shipping….. if not, shipping is $5.00.

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