Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cardio on Saturdays

This is usually what my Saturdays look like.  A couple years ago my sister and I found great treadmill routines on Pinterest that we liked and printed them off, laminated and hooked together with a key ring thing.  That's it.  So easy!!  There are routines of all kinds in there.  Some varying between 15-60 mins, all walking, all running, a little of both, some play around with inclines, steady paces or HIIT.  It's great because you can look through your options and pick a routine based off how your body is feeling that day or what kind of mood you are in.  The routine in the picture on the right is one of my favorites but HOLY HELL it is NOT easy!!!  I do it when I really want to kick my own ass.  Today was one of those days.  

Just wanted to share this idea we came up with.  It sure makes treadmill running a lot funner!!

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