Thursday, January 2, 2014

Change Helps

Sometimes you have to change things up to make progress.  Our bodies are so smart!  They adapt really fast and get used to things it is exposed to if its even for just a few times.  Your body will not need to exert that much energy if its used to the task it is doing.  So changing up your routine to throw your body off will keep it guessing and working hard.  Switching up your workouts also prevents injury and keeps things interesting and you can learn a lot about things your body can or cannot do.  Change your routine by switching up how heavy you are lifting, the pace of an exercise or your rep/set count.  Increasing the weight but lower the number of reps one day.  Then for the next, use lower weight but add on an extra set.  You can also use your average weight and do more reps but faster.  Even just  changing the order of your exercises does the trick.
I know sometimes we like to do the harder moves first to get them over with and it helps because you are fresh and not tired yet.  But next time save that hard exercise for last…..Squats at the end of your leg routine, KILLER!!!

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