Tuesday, February 28, 2017

workout clothes disaster

#transformationtuesday of my disaster workout clothes situation.  I have been hanging X amount of tanks on one hanger.  Then when you have a few of these going on it takes up so much space.  The worst is when you want a tank at the bottom of the stack.  You have to take them all off to get to it.  And you really can't even see what you have in there.  Just annoying.  And the legging drawer..... pretty much a big mess.

The tank top hangers are called "Hang a Bunch" each hanger can hold 12 tanks.  These come in a pack of 3.

The legging hangers are called "AJ 5 Pack" they hold 5 pair.  I doubled up and did 2 leggings per rung.  So 10 pairs on one hanger.  These come in a pack of 5.

Problems solved.  I can actually see what I have.  And it looks so much nicer.  I found these hangers on AMAZON!  Had to share how neat they are.  Maybe you are in similar frustrating situation with workout clothes.  Just wanted to share.  I recently saw the tank one at Bed Bath and Beyond.  MUCHO BETTER!!!

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  1. i have a dresser in my basement and it's just for my workout gear. i recently sorted through it all and donated (or threw away all the smell stuff)